Dr. Lorna Maphuthuma 

Dr. Lorna is a highly skilled Medical Practitioner with a primary focus on Mental and Occupational Health. Not only is she the founder of Maphuthuma Medical & Occupational Practice, which underwent a rebranding to become Rinato Clinic in 2019, but she also plays an influential role at ANROL Investments as an Executive Coach. Additionally, she is currently serving as a director and collaborating with Mahlopi Metal Group in a joint partnership.Dr. Lorna has a notable track record in garnering recognition for her contributions to the community. In 2011, she was presented with the esteemed Zimele Award by Anglo-American for her remarkable contribution to community. She received another recognition in 2016 when she was awarded a prestigious provincial accolade in the professional category by the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa (BAWSA). Beyond her accolades, Dr. Lorna is widely recognized for her impressive community work and serves as an influential motivational speaker.

Her passion lies in inspiring young girls, encouraging them to surpass their current circumstances and embrace their full potential. By emphasizing the importance of developing their talents, she empowers these young women to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. She is also an active philanthropist, dedicated to helping deserving students pursue their dreams of tertiary education. She has provided support to over 40 deserving children, enabling them to pursue their education and advance their academic pursuits. Dr. Lorna actively promotes female empowerment by motivating young women to become self-sufficient. She shows a strong commitment to championing the needs of the most financially disadvantaged, particularly in rural areas. Furthermore, she actively contributes to the betterment of the community by facilitating the construction of schools and churches, as well as providing clothing and food to those who are less fortunate. Dr. Lorna possesses specialized certification in Medical Incapacity and Disability Management, distinguishing her as one of the few doctors in this field.


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